SmartSRoute Meeting/Workshop - 27&29 March 2015, Tarragona, Spain

1st Annual Meeting of Members - 14&15 November 2014

Business Missions 2013 - Russia, China

business missions

We have presented companies and their projects, properties and investment proposals in selected exhibitions in Russia, Middle East, China and other countries in Europe.

For many companies, participation in important property fairs and exhibitions is not always possible. The turnaround time, participation fees, airfare, accommodation and food can add up to prohibitive amounts.

It is important, however, to maintain an active presence in the international market, to present their products and services to potential investors and clients, generate leads for sales, obtain feedback on the competitiveness of their offering and stay informed about the latest industry trends and developments.

We can achieve a high-profile international presence for these companies, at a fraction of the cost.

Our representatives are highly experienced in marketing and investments, can deal knowledgeably and professionally with potential investors or clients, coordinate meetings and make presentations to achieve results.

promote business

Exhibitions representation is the core activity of the program. The plan is to organize group participation for partners and sponsors in major exhibitions in the target countries, in a most efficient and cost effective way.

For the promotion of sponsors, companies and investment proposals, space will be rented in each of the exhibitions, to be used as the basis for the representation of companies participating in the program.

We plan, at the same time, meetings with companies, clients and investors arranged through our contacts, and promotion through our PR office that operates in the target markets.

Our consulting team consists of highly experienced professionals in business, marketing and investments, and qualified language interpreters. Our team, representing a selected portfolio of companies, projects, properties and investment proposals from Cyprus, will be in the best position to build up a comprehensive list of potential investors and clients, businessmen and individuals, interested to invest, buy property, visit or establish business on the island.

The opportunity to organize a targeted event, to invite a selected group of potential investors and clients will also be available to all partners and sponsors individually or as a group, to share the costs.

After each event we deliver a report with details of the exhibition, feedback on the interest shown by clients and investors, including contact information.